The arrival of a new resident at Hillside is often a moving experience. It is to witness the pure joy exhibited by an animal as it finds itself in the new, more natural surroundings.

Queenie the pig has come to us from London Zoo, as the children’s zoo section has now been closed. The Zoo approached us to see if we could offer a permanent home for 8-year-old Queenie.

Normally we are the last chance for animals that have been abused, or for animals no longer wanted and facing being put down. Queenie is, of course, a different case. When she arrived with her dowry of a bag-and-a-half of food she was in fine health, and with a big appetite.

After a puzzled hour or so she started to explore her new surroundings, checking out what appeared to be vacant sheds and outbuildings, with an eye to taking residence. Next a tour of the fields, grunting at the other residents on the way. The obvious joy of walking on grass with some really nice muddy areas was yet to be topped by finding an oak tree with acorns beneath to snack on.

The next day or two were taken up with the other residents, looking for that special friend. After checking out all the new faces, she seems to have teamed up with a goat. Queenie is now settling down to the relaxed pace of life at Hillfields - where, hopefully, we will be able to provide for her for the rest of her days.

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