New Goats - An Appeal - 30-05-15

Last weekend we rescued two very neglected goats from a farm in Studley, one elderly entire male with a growth on his face and a nanny goat with chronic udder problems.

The farm was in a horrific condition, the cattle and sheep had been taken by DEFRA, but the goats had been left. Another sanctuary was going to rescue them, but they couldn't catch them. So we had to try on a number of occasions to coax them and gain their trust because they were extremely frightened and stressed.

There were also 22 cats in the premises, again kept in appalling conditions, which Mel from Cat Rescue kindly took to safety.

There were skeletons of dead animals all over the farm grounds and this was a farmer that sent his other stock into the food chain!!!

We have had to give these poor goats urgent treatment. And we are working on gaining their confidence with people again which is going to take quite a time, but due to the fact the old boy billy goat is too old to be castrated we need to keep them separate in another paddock.

Hillfields urgently needs donations for 6ft boards and also a field shelter for the goats when it rains as goats don't like rain and they are old.

If anyone can help us to make sure that these goats live their last years of life being cared for and looked after by Hillfields then please make a donation on our Donate page.

We are also appealing for any fencing panels, wire, wood, anyone wishing to fundraise to help keep the sanctuary going too. Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

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