Peggy the Micro Pig

Poor Peggy, victim of the latest "fashion" for designer Micro pigs, was bought as a Christmas present for a child as, according to the breeder, so much easier than a puppy!

Kept in a cage in the kitchen, she understandably wasn't happy & her squealing kept the household awake - so she had to go!


Lyn kindly took her in and she now has a much more natural and suitable life. At first she shared a stable with two lambs as the bigger pigs might have trampled her, but now she's grown bigger she spends time with the other resident pigs at Hillfields.

Despite being smaller than the others, she has a big personality and can be a "right little madam"!

If you would like to help us meet the cost of caring for Peggy and the other animals at the Sanctuary please consider sponsoring her.

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