Charlie the Horse

Seen at market while on a demo protesting about the dreadful conditions there, Ursula (Bates), one of the best friends the animals ever had, bought this frightened foal to save him from a lifetime of being passed around dealers and ending up on the meat wagon.


Now matured, he's become the boss of all the other equines here, and although lovely natured and protective of the mares, he can throw his weight around too and wanders into everyone's stable to eat the best of their food before they get to it! He has an unlikely friendship with Rambo, the big faced sheep who can't be castrated so lives separately to the other sheep. Neither will go to bed at night in their stable without the other. It's lovely to see these firm friends snuggled up together.

If you would like to help us meet the cost of looking after Charlie and the other horses please consider sponsoring him.

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